RM Smart Methodology – BoostingResults
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Module 01 Consulting, Methodology, Strategic Analysis and Measured Results
1. What is Big Data?
2. What is the importance of the flows?
3. What is Plan Business Marketing?
4. What is the CanvasPlan?
5. Definition of persona and its importance?
6. The SMART strategies and goals.
7. How to analyze results
8. How does RMenables result boosting.
9. How does the gathering and centralization of information on RM Smart work?
10. Artificial intelligence of RM Smart?
Goal: To understand the main concepts of the methodology, to comprehend the features of RM Smart and to execute the strategic filling of the Plan Business Marketing tools, persona and CanvasPlan of RM Smart.
Prerequisite: Basic notions of Advertising, Business administration and Computing.
Duration: From 1 up to 3 months
Module 02 Increasing the company’s sales and strengthening the brand (Branding)
1. The Lead is the king.
2. Implementing the Sales Funnel.
3. Information channels.
4. Dissemination strategy.
5. Sales pipeline.
6. Sales pipeline.
7. Smart flows and workflows.
8. The importance of organic results.
9. The importance of sponsored results.
10. Remarketing for sales.
11. Integration between the sales team of your company and the marketing team of the agency.
12. Content generation.
13. developing an advertising campaign.
14. Lead management – Lead nutrition.
Goal: To increase your company’s sales and to strengthen the brand.
Prerequisite: Understanding about Lead, Sales Pipeline, Sales machine and Remarketing.
Duration: From 3 up to 6 months.
Module 03 Fostering customer loyalty and increasing your company’s authority
1. The importance of customer loyalty
2. Welcoming is fundamental. / Sheltering is fundamental.
3. The importance of the customer loyalty pipeline.
4. commemorating your clients.
5. Remarketing for customer loyalty.
6. Producing content of authority.
7. Relationship through directed campaigns.
8. Customer management – Loyalty.
Goal: To foster customer loyalty and to increase your company’s authority.
Prerequisite: Understanding about flows, customer loyalty pipeline, authority machines and remarketing.
Duration: From 6 up to 12 months
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