RM Smart Methodology
Establishment and alignment with the entrepreneur/Team Management of the concepts of the RM Smart Methodology. Check out the modules to be implemented.
Team Capacitation
Training with the commercial sector and the customer relationship of your company.
Content Generation + Broadcasting
Constant production of qualified content + Broadcasting of content/ads in both organic and sponsored ways.
RM Smart Management Platform
Centralization of all the information generated by your company’s BIG Data, providing support to your team and all marketing actions created by the advertising agency.
Flow for Leads Generation and Sales Increase
Market Expansion


To have an impact on the target audience at the right moment


To present to the audience that your company is the best solution.

Attracting Leads

To transform audience in applications.

Nurturing Leads

To engage with and welcome Leads in a SMART way.


To transform Leads into customers.
Increasing sales
Fostering customer loyalty
Strengthening the brand
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